Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paper lanterns

These are some decorations I made for Ramadan!

Hi!These are lantern decorations I made for Ramadan.I made them so we could hang them in the day of Ramadan.All you need are some paper,scissors,and if you want to decorate it you can do it with anything
like,stickers,ribbon,and some beads.You can also choose lots of other decorations.So first you fold you paper in half.
Then you cut the lines straight,but not all the way,cut it close to the end.Next open it up and turn it around.You can either stick it together or you can add decorations.You can glue them or tape them.Finally you can put the two ends together and tape it. That's how you make a paper lantern!It is really fun to make and choosing pretty decorations to put on it.You can
also write on the top anything you want,like Ramadan
Mubarak!So this was a really fun,easy, pretty decoration I
made for Ramadan!

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Mini Hadith Masjid

 Hello!This is something I made for Ramadan. It is a mini masjid with a door that has a hadith inside it. The hadith is something about Ramadan. I made it out of colored paper and cut out the shapes.I then folded a tiny piece of paper for the door. After that,I printed out a short hadith to put inside.I then glued the hadith on the door. That is how I made this mini masjid with a hadith inside.
It was really fun to make and you should try to make it too. It was also really easy to do and it takes a short time. Anyone can make it. You can also choose your own hadith. You can make it small or big or whatever size you want. So this it what craft I made for Ramadan!

This is something I made for Ramadan!