Monday, May 16, 2016

A Mini Hadith Masjid

 Hello!This is something I made for Ramadan. It is a mini masjid with a door that has a hadith inside it. The hadith is something about Ramadan. I made it out of colored paper and cut out the shapes.I then folded a tiny piece of paper for the door. After that,I printed out a short hadith to put inside.I then glued the hadith on the door. That is how I made this mini masjid with a hadith inside.
It was really fun to make and you should try to make it too. It was also really easy to do and it takes a short time. Anyone can make it. You can also choose your own hadith. You can make it small or big or whatever size you want. So this it what craft I made for Ramadan!

This is something I made for Ramadan!

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