Monday, July 21, 2014

Sulman the persian craft

sulman the persian cartoon -

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Ten Nights

The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan are the most special nights of the year! Those days are so special that the Quran was revealed during one of those ten nights. Also any good deed you do, you get 80 times the reward you would usually get! You can see the Last ten nights of Ramadan are really special. Thats why people stay up those nights doing ibadah. Also most people have goals that they can achieve in the last ten nights. I have one goal that I hope I can accomplish. I am trying to read the last 10 juz in the last ten days. The only problem is this I only read one juz and 2 days already past. I guess I'll have to read extra. After this I will read some more. Already people would get a lot of reward with reading Quran, so I hope I will get 80 times more of that reward, inshallah. I hope I get a lot of good deeds this Ramadan. I realized that Ramadan pasted really quick. Also after the first few days of fasting  I was really easy to fast. A few days ago we were at the masjid for Iftar. So my friends and I drank some water and prayed. Then everyone started to get food. I wasn't hungry and I forgot of eating. So I went outside with my friends and we were about to start playing. Then one of my friends were like, " Don't  you want to eat?!" Then I remembered I was just fasting and so we went to get food. It was funny. Anyways fasting is easy now. Even though I still get hungry. Now I am a little hungry and we've got 4 hours left. Well, I am going to read some Quran. Bye!

laylatul qadr

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I am Fasting By Meryem Kose

SPAGHETTI! Mmmmmmmmmm
Today I am fasting and I am going to try to fast for the rest of the Ramadan. Last Ramadan I fasted for 12 day days but this Ramadan I am going to try to fast for many more days. If I do that I will beat my record for fasting. For suhoor we ate spaghetti, Mmmmmmm. I had like 5 plated of spaghetti because it was really good. Well, I have to go now so, BYE!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

What a parable...

"O men! (Here is) a parable set forth! Listen to it! Those on whom, besides Allah, you call, cannot create (even) a fly, if they all met together for the purpose and if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. Feeble are those who petition and those whom they petition! (Sura Hajj, Ayat 73)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Staying up at Night

This one I made after
some practice.(sorry its dark)
The first one I made was a
Every night from like 5 days ago my brother, my younger sister, and I stayed up from taraweeh until Fajr. My other sister actually stays up but she stays mostly in her room. We stay downstairs. How it all started was that we had guests until like 2:00 and we were awake so we stayed up until Fajr. That day we made a lot of crafts for each other. They were these cool pop-up-cards we learned how to make. That time we did that in the living room. Then we decided to do it downstairs. The only problem was that we kept on forgetting stuff upstairs. Anyways the next day we continued doing art for each other. Then next day we brought our blankets downstairs and wrote stories and we shared it with each other. Then we drew pictures. Yesterday, was really fun. We started making an animation. Staying up is fun, the only problem is we wake up at like 2:30 p.m.! Well, today we woke up at 1:30. 

Ramadan nasheed

Friday, July 11, 2014



Did you know that we're almost halfway through Ramadan??  Isn't it so weird that we're already on the fourteenth day?  I just stood there staring at the calendar wondering how the time went by so quickly.

Now that another week of chemistry class is over, I can write something here.  I guess you've noticed that I haven't written on this blog for a long time.

And now I want to post pictures of my apple pie waffle suhoor!  Wasn't that cool?  Except for anyone besides me who had a tummyache...

One of the best parts about this suhoor was that it was the first suhoor meal I made that actually succeeded.  Remember the Froyo bites?  Huda took a bite and then said she felt like throwing up.  We had all these frozen treats that looked cool but tasted awful.  And remember when everyone kept bugging me to make chocolate covered bananas and I made one for each person and no one ate them when I put them on the table for suhoor!!!

But since the apple pie waffles were a hit, I have become more bold and brave to make more cool suhoor stuff.  Also, maybe we can have apple pie waffles again.  Maybe for iftar instead of suhoor so I will have more time to eat them...

Do you guys have any other cool ideas for stuff we can for suhoor for the rest of Ramadan?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to make a pop-up card part 2

Lessons From Prophetic Dynasties

- Allah is so merciful that he was going to forgive firown.  Angel Jibreel stuffed mud in firowns mouth because he was afraid Allah was going to forgive firown.
What am I doing to get that mercy?

-prayer is basically a conversation between me and Allah,

- Every time I read quran I am reading words Allah said

-I should think in the mindset that Allah is not watching me , he is watching out for me.

-Whenever I do anything put Allah in the picture.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to make a ramadan pop-up card Part 1 - base of the masjid

This is a video I made showing you how to make a Ramadan pop-up card. It might be hard but after a few times it will be easy. Part 2 will be uploaded tommorow.

Salman the Persian

Yesterday, I watched an islamic cartoon called "Salman the Persian". Its about a sahabah who lives with his father. Salman keeps a fire going. Though he does it, he realizes its crazy to worship something he makes with his own hands. When he wanted stop feeding the fire, his father got very mad and tied him up to chains and forced him to feed the flames. After a while a servant of Salman's father let Salman free. Then Salman went to a man  who told him about Muhammad (saw). He said it would be a hard trip and a long way but Salman still wanted to see Muhammad (saw). After that he went through a hard long trip.  On his way he was stopped by some bandits. Then he got sold into slavery. Even though a lot of things went wrong for him, Salman didn't give up. Muhammad (saw) was in the area of where Salman lived in Medina. Salman's owner did not believe in Islam but his son did. So whenever Muhammad (saw) said something about Islam, Salman's owner's son would tell Salman. It happened like that until Salman wanted to give the Shahada to Muhammad (saw). So his onwer's son let him free for only until he gave his Shahada. You can see that Salman(ra) would do anything to meet Muhammad (saw). Well, after that, Salman asked his owner how much his freedom would cost. He said it would cost 40 coins and about 250 date palms. (a town is worth that much). So all the Sahabah got to work planting date palms. Also Muhammad (saw) gave Salman 40 coins! You can see that everyone was kind and helped Salman to be free. I hope many other people are like that town and Salman (ra). If you want you can watch this movie by going to this link:

What I learned: I learned that even though something may seem impossible it can be possible if you all work together. In the story All the Sahabah's got together to plant 250 date palms even though Salman thought it would be impossible. So if you work together anything can be possible.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Traveling While Fasting

You don't know how much I
want a sip of this right now!!

Today we are going to NY. I wonder how fasting will be when we travel. I guess it will be harder. I guess I will write an article about traveling while fasting after my fast is over. I guess this post is not really going to give much information. It will just be about whats going on, like a diary. As you know everyday someone gives a gift to everyone. Well, it is babas turn today and I was thinking he could buy us milkshakes on our way there. Then I realized we were fasting. We will go to NY at 5:00 and probably arrive there at around 8:00. (half an hour before Iftar) Maybe in NY he can buy us it after Iftar. Well, just thinking of milkshakes make my mouth water! I am hungry right now and I just heard Meryem say that too. We still have about 5 and a half hours left! I hope that in the car I will be able to sleep. Then it will be only like 2 hours left. I doubt I will be able to because Yusuf is probably going to be annoying. I hope that time passes quickly because I am starving! I even woke up at 12:00. I couldn't sleep much because Meryem was annoying and made so much noise. She woke me up by putting this annoying doll that made noise right next to my ear. (the doll wasn't annoying but it seemed to be very annoying then!) I think this is the longest post I have ever wrote. I have to get my gifts ready now because it will be my turn to give gifts in NY. So I have to go because I have to get my gifts ready. I will try to write a post in NY of how my fast was while I am traveling. So, bye! Talk later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being Thirsty in Ramadan

You don't know how much I want a sip
of this now!
In Ramadan, I usually get thirsty. Fortunately, so far in this Ramadan I wasn't thirsty. (except yesterday I was thirsty for half an hour but I slept during that time) I guess I just had to drink a lot during suhoor. Unfortunately, today when I just woke up (now) I have this bad feeling in my throat. A nice cold glass of lemonade would be so good right now! I don't think it hurts because I ran a lot or anything since I just woke up but probably because I didn't drink enough during suhoor. So now I know not to go outside 1 hour before I Iftar and I know to drink more during suhoor. I guess having mistakes like these are good so you know not to do it next time. Well, talk later. Bye!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I had really fun pedaling fast in the breeze,
but in the end I was tired out!
The past few days I was fasting wasn't that hard since I had many things to do. The time past more quickly since we did about 5 hours of school, woke up late, and did computer. That's basically what I did, except I mostly read instead of computer. I mean I still did computer but I also read. The only problem yesterday I was getting bored at around 7:30. (iftars at 8:35) So Yusuf, Meryem and I played outside. That was a bad idea. I ran a lot! Also when I rode my sisters bike I went really fast. Then I came inside and it was about only 7:50! I had about 40 minutes left! I was so thirsty. Fortunately, I was able to sleep until Iftar time. But not every time could be like that. So from now on I am going to always play outside about 20 minutes before Iftar, not an hour. I think you should follow that too, if you get tired easily.

Today I am Fasting By Meryem

Mmmmmmm, I love pancakes!!
Today I am fasting. We ate pancakes for suhoor. It was delicious. I love pancakes. It is my second favorite food. Yesterday I wasn't fasting because I was sick. But today I am fasting because I fell a little better. But I am still kind of sick. I can't eat or drink or anything when I am fasting. One time I want to fast the whole Ramadan. Maybe when I am 8 or 9 years old I can do that. Well, I have to go now. Bye, Bye!