Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Elaborating on Huda's Post: Stuff to do while fasting

During Ramadan we are going to have 16-hour fasts.  Now that's a long time without food and drink.  As Huda mentioned, there are tons of things we can do to occupy our minds.  However, I have discovered a problem from previous Ramadans.  While we're fasting, it's so hard to think of what to do.  When we're bored, it's not easy to transition from boredom to having fun. 

That's why we should make long lists of fun things we can do right now before we start fasting.  We could have a fun activity basket that has a bunch of strips of paper with fun things to do and we can pick one out when we're bored. 

I think I will start making a short list right now.  Who would like to add to it?  A lot of the stuff are not related to Ramadan, but we could incorporate Ramadan themes into all of them if we're creative.

- Play a board game (as Huda said).  We have so many board games.  We could play one a day.  And most of the board games take a long time to play, like Monopoly, Life, and Friendo.  And the winner could choose the next activity to play.

- Get crafty.  There are so many art activities we could do.  We could paint, make cards, scrapbook, make Ramadan decorations, decorate gifts.  All of those things are really fun.

- Prepare Ramadan/Eid Gifts.  (as Huda also said).  If we work on Eid gifts all month long that take a long time to prepare, then we'll always have something to do when we're bored or hungry. We just have to work hard on secrecy.

- Make up games.  Remember when we were so bored in Chicago, but we made up games and had so much fun for hours playing them?  We played mystery a few times and that other game without a name...the spy game.  That was lots of fun and we all played together and we weren't bored.  We could make a different version of the game and play it.  I have the rules for the game on my website somewhere.  We should find it and play it one day.

- Play Outside.  If it's not too hot, close to iftar time we could ride our bikes.  We shouldn't do it in the morning when there's danger of getting thirsty quickly and then suffering the whole day from thirst. 

- Making surprises for each other.  We could do some kind of version of secret brother/sister.  Instead of giving gifts to each other, we could do good stuff for each other and try to make them guess who did it.  (Like cleaning up tissues, fixing the bed for someone else, sorting books, etc.)

- Treasure hunts/scavenger hunts.  We could make treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and the winner could choose the next game to play.  Only, I can;t be the only one making the treasure hunt!

- Plan cool iftars.  We could plan unique iftars.  Like one could be the green-only iftar where we do everything in an earth-friendly way. Another could be an iftar where the kids are in charge and make everything. 

- Plan cool suhoors.  I know Huda already started this but we could spend more time preparing.  Different themed suhoors would be cool and unique menus would be awesome.

- Plan family events.  We could plan different times of the week for unique family events, like reading club, juz amma review club, etc.  And we could spend the days beforehand preparing for the event.

- Dress-up Show.  With all the clothes everyone got during the wedding time, we could spend hours taking pictures of different poses with different outfits.  That would also be practicing photography.  We could also wear each other's clothes and try to guess who it is if we're good enough at the disguises. 

- Talent Show.  We could have talent shows regularly and everyone could present something weird or funny.  That would also give us something to do in other times because we would need time to prepare for the talent shows.

- No Video Games and Computer Games.  This is the lamest solution to solving boredom and hunger.  I came up with a long exciting list and I'm sure we don't need to rely on the PS4 during Ramadan for anything.

What else can we do during Ramadan when we're bored...that is to say, when we have time to be bored?


  1. abla you said we should make up games to keep our mind busy, before that you said we should do that before ramadan. why would you contridict yourslef

    1. i said to play games we made up. also u spelled contradict wrong.

    2. no, you said make up not made, well you said both, anyway, who cares if i speled it wrong

    3. Sisters, I like the idea of cool suhuur, but don't know how to do it with my little crazy daughter Shadiye Noora :) any suggest?

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    1. I cannot believe you actually read my post!!!!!