Friday, June 27, 2014

How to keep your mind off food

Fasting can be really hard when you are bored. If you are bored, you usually feel hungry. So all you have to do is not be bored. Here are some ways.

1. read a book
2. sleep
3. play outside with 1 hour before iftar
4. read quran
5. play video games
6. make a movie
7. write a story
8. play board games
9. read hadiths
10. giving gifts
11. making crafts
12. take pictures of random things
13. write in a blog
14. write in a diary
15. clean the house
16. cook food(this isn't a good idea)
17. watch Islamic movies
18. read the translation of the quran
19.make a puppet show

Those are some ideas of how not to be bored in ramadan

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