Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Ideas for Ramadan

Usually before Iftar it is very hard to resist the awesome smell of food. So all we do is sit there watching the clock. Here are some of ideas that might be able to help that problem.
The Jeopardys would be fun.
  1. We could play a family board 2 or 3 hours before Iftar. (In long games we should start before that because mama needs some time preparing for Iftar.)
  2. We could watch an Islamic movie a few hours before Iftar.
  3. Abla could make weekly islamic jeopordys. (or we could get them from online, or from ablas previous made ones) So one day a week we would do a jeopardy before Iftar.
  4. Everyone said that we could just go outside and play before Iftar, which was also a good idea to do before Iftar.
Those are some of my ideas for to-do-things before Iftar.

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