Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reflections on Hunger

Even though we are not necessarily doing this on purpose, we are, in a way, practicing fasting in Ramadan.  Right now I am starving...I mean I am really hungry.  I spent the majority of yesterday hungry, too.  And remember the day when we ate "breakfast" at 2:30pm when we went to the Chinese restaurant.  These are all great for practice because obviously we are still surviving and are able to do stuff. 

The other thing is that the more hungry I am, the less I can eat afterwards.  This is why I think we should have small iftars in Ramadan.  And big suhoors.  Midnight feasts!  Also we have to drink a lot of water.  And since other places aren't very reliable in providing good water, we need to take a large supply of water with us wherever we go.  I could probably drink ten bottles of cold water during the night.  I don't think it would exactly be easy to carry around ten bottles of water to the masjid for myself.  It would be helpful if the masjid had a water fountain...in the women's section I mean!  Our next project should be to raise money for that.

Also, I have been inspired by the others who put cool pictures in the post so I am now doing the same. :)

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