Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadan Mubarak!

Wow!  We're finally writing on the blog during Ramadan.  :)  Hooray for Ramadan.  It doesn't feel completely like Ramadan yet since we didn't pray Taraweeh, but that will soon be cured, insha Allah, when we pray Taraweeh tonight.  ;)

I gave the first Ramadan gifts today.  I hoped everyone liked them.  It took a while to do the wrapping and stuff.  I am sure everyone is looking forward to all the other Ramadan gifts everyone else will be giving the rest of the days.

Here are some important things I think we should be doing this Ramadan.  Please add to my list with your ideas.

Make a Schedule: We should have daily schedules to manage each day (and night).  There are lots of things we want to do during Ramadan and many hours to do the stuff in.  We just have to organize how we will do everything.

Write Down Our Goals: We probably have a lot of goals of things we want to do this Ramadan, but it can be hard to keep track of how far we are getting along when we don't write stuff down.  It's not hard to make charts and posters and it's fun to see a visible reminder of how we are coming along.  It also helps to compare our progress with each other and try to go faster.

Compete to be Good: One of the hardest parts of fasting is being nice while we are hungry and thirsty.  But sometimes everyone just thinks about the eating and drinking part and no one realizes they have to be nice, too, while they are fasting.  If we all make an effort to be nice to each other, then it won't be hard to be nice anymore.  If even just one person is in a bad mood or says rude things, then everyone will feel like being mean.  But don't let one person be your excuse for being bad.  Let's have a competition.  Let's see who can be the nicest this Ramadan!

Focus on Important Things: By focusing on other things we can keep our minds off food. 

Now I have to send a powerpoint to an insistent person, so see you later!

Even though this post really doesn't have anything to do with jealousy, when I saw this picture I thought it was funny so I put it. :)

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