Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Playing Board Games really keeps your mind off food!
In Ramadan, I am usually very hungry during the day. The weird thing is when its Iftar time I don't feel that hungry anymore. I put a lot of food on my plate and then I only finish half of it. This Ramadan I will just try to eat a little food during Iftar. I think that if you do many things to keep your mind occupied you will forget about hunger. If you just sit down waiting until Iftar time you will feel the hunger a lot more than if you at least did something. You could just read Quran, plan gifts, or play board games. I hope all those things will keep my mind off food this Ramadan. I think its worth it because you get sooo much reward and you have something to look forward too, and you won't be able to stuff yourself. I cant wait until Ramadan because I am pretty sure it will be fun.


  1. Those are good ideas, Huda, but you know what the problem is? when you're hungry it's too hard to think of what to do. I was going to write more but I will just write it in my post.

  2. Also your post needs a title