Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Ramadan All-Nighter

I titled the post "all-nighter".  Others might protest and say that I meant "qiyaam-ul-layl".  The truth is, however, that we didn't do much of qiyaam, but we did do more of just staying up and trying to keep ourselves occupied until morning when we could sleep.  It might take a little while to adjust to this schedule.  I am really tired right now.

The Lancaster trip was long.  We had to travel almost two hours to get there and when we got there, we were starving but we still had to wait one and a half hours to eat.  Then at iftar time, the food wasn't there.  There was just pizza and it finished fast.  However, we soon got the other food and enjoyed the meal heartily. 

But then there was a long wait until Taraweeh would start.  Basically, the whole night was all about waiting.  We waited during the drive to Lancaster.  Then, we waited for iftar time.  Then we waited for Isha time.  Then we waited to go home.  And then during the ride home, we waited until the trip would be over.  And then we waited until we could eat suhoor and then eat Fajr and then go to sleep.  Wow!  Those are a lot of waits.  Maybe I should have titled this post the "all-waiter" or the "all-nighter-waiter" which actually doesn't make any sense at all.  However, this is to be expected of a sleepy person.

Now, to think of one of the best parts of yesterday, the first day of Ramadan, I would say it was...Well, getting the cookie cake was awesome and it tasted really good.  I want another one!  The pizza was good, too, especially since I was so hungry, but then it finished really quickly because I was so hungry...I also enjoyed going into bed at the end of the night when I could finally sleep.  That felt good.

What were the highs and lows of your Ramadan day and night?

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