Thursday, July 3, 2014

Traveling While Fasting

You don't know how much I
want a sip of this right now!!

Today we are going to NY. I wonder how fasting will be when we travel. I guess it will be harder. I guess I will write an article about traveling while fasting after my fast is over. I guess this post is not really going to give much information. It will just be about whats going on, like a diary. As you know everyday someone gives a gift to everyone. Well, it is babas turn today and I was thinking he could buy us milkshakes on our way there. Then I realized we were fasting. We will go to NY at 5:00 and probably arrive there at around 8:00. (half an hour before Iftar) Maybe in NY he can buy us it after Iftar. Well, just thinking of milkshakes make my mouth water! I am hungry right now and I just heard Meryem say that too. We still have about 5 and a half hours left! I hope that in the car I will be able to sleep. Then it will be only like 2 hours left. I doubt I will be able to because Yusuf is probably going to be annoying. I hope that time passes quickly because I am starving! I even woke up at 12:00. I couldn't sleep much because Meryem was annoying and made so much noise. She woke me up by putting this annoying doll that made noise right next to my ear. (the doll wasn't annoying but it seemed to be very annoying then!) I think this is the longest post I have ever wrote. I have to get my gifts ready now because it will be my turn to give gifts in NY. So I have to go because I have to get my gifts ready. I will try to write a post in NY of how my fast was while I am traveling. So, bye! Talk later.

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  1. you said the same thing in ur last post - scroll down