Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Ten Nights

The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan are the most special nights of the year! Those days are so special that the Quran was revealed during one of those ten nights. Also any good deed you do, you get 80 times the reward you would usually get! You can see the Last ten nights of Ramadan are really special. Thats why people stay up those nights doing ibadah. Also most people have goals that they can achieve in the last ten nights. I have one goal that I hope I can accomplish. I am trying to read the last 10 juz in the last ten days. The only problem is this I only read one juz and 2 days already past. I guess I'll have to read extra. After this I will read some more. Already people would get a lot of reward with reading Quran, so I hope I will get 80 times more of that reward, inshallah. I hope I get a lot of good deeds this Ramadan. I realized that Ramadan pasted really quick. Also after the first few days of fasting  I was really easy to fast. A few days ago we were at the masjid for Iftar. So my friends and I drank some water and prayed. Then everyone started to get food. I wasn't hungry and I forgot of eating. So I went outside with my friends and we were about to start playing. Then one of my friends were like, " Don't  you want to eat?!" Then I remembered I was just fasting and so we went to get food. It was funny. Anyways fasting is easy now. Even though I still get hungry. Now I am a little hungry and we've got 4 hours left. Well, I am going to read some Quran. Bye!

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