Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Salman the Persian

Yesterday, I watched an islamic cartoon called "Salman the Persian". Its about a sahabah who lives with his father. Salman keeps a fire going. Though he does it, he realizes its crazy to worship something he makes with his own hands. When he wanted stop feeding the fire, his father got very mad and tied him up to chains and forced him to feed the flames. After a while a servant of Salman's father let Salman free. Then Salman went to a man  who told him about Muhammad (saw). He said it would be a hard trip and a long way but Salman still wanted to see Muhammad (saw). After that he went through a hard long trip.  On his way he was stopped by some bandits. Then he got sold into slavery. Even though a lot of things went wrong for him, Salman didn't give up. Muhammad (saw) was in the area of where Salman lived in Medina. Salman's owner did not believe in Islam but his son did. So whenever Muhammad (saw) said something about Islam, Salman's owner's son would tell Salman. It happened like that until Salman wanted to give the Shahada to Muhammad (saw). So his onwer's son let him free for only until he gave his Shahada. You can see that Salman(ra) would do anything to meet Muhammad (saw). Well, after that, Salman asked his owner how much his freedom would cost. He said it would cost 40 coins and about 250 date palms. (a town is worth that much). So all the Sahabah got to work planting date palms. Also Muhammad (saw) gave Salman 40 coins! You can see that everyone was kind and helped Salman to be free. I hope many other people are like that town and Salman (ra). If you want you can watch this movie by going to this link:


What I learned: I learned that even though something may seem impossible it can be possible if you all work together. In the story All the Sahabah's got together to plant 250 date palms even though Salman thought it would be impossible. So if you work together anything can be possible.

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