Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being Thirsty in Ramadan

You don't know how much I want a sip
of this now!
In Ramadan, I usually get thirsty. Fortunately, so far in this Ramadan I wasn't thirsty. (except yesterday I was thirsty for half an hour but I slept during that time) I guess I just had to drink a lot during suhoor. Unfortunately, today when I just woke up (now) I have this bad feeling in my throat. A nice cold glass of lemonade would be so good right now! I don't think it hurts because I ran a lot or anything since I just woke up but probably because I didn't drink enough during suhoor. So now I know not to go outside 1 hour before I Iftar and I know to drink more during suhoor. I guess having mistakes like these are good so you know not to do it next time. Well, talk later. Bye!

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