Friday, July 11, 2014


Did you know that we're almost halfway through Ramadan??  Isn't it so weird that we're already on the fourteenth day?  I just stood there staring at the calendar wondering how the time went by so quickly.

Now that another week of chemistry class is over, I can write something here.  I guess you've noticed that I haven't written on this blog for a long time.

And now I want to post pictures of my apple pie waffle suhoor!  Wasn't that cool?  Except for anyone besides me who had a tummyache...

One of the best parts about this suhoor was that it was the first suhoor meal I made that actually succeeded.  Remember the Froyo bites?  Huda took a bite and then said she felt like throwing up.  We had all these frozen treats that looked cool but tasted awful.  And remember when everyone kept bugging me to make chocolate covered bananas and I made one for each person and no one ate them when I put them on the table for suhoor!!!

But since the apple pie waffles were a hit, I have become more bold and brave to make more cool suhoor stuff.  Also, maybe we can have apple pie waffles again.  Maybe for iftar instead of suhoor so I will have more time to eat them...

Do you guys have any other cool ideas for stuff we can for suhoor for the rest of Ramadan?

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