Saturday, July 12, 2014

Staying up at Night

This one I made after
some practice.(sorry its dark)
The first one I made was a
Every night from like 5 days ago my brother, my younger sister, and I stayed up from taraweeh until Fajr. My other sister actually stays up but she stays mostly in her room. We stay downstairs. How it all started was that we had guests until like 2:00 and we were awake so we stayed up until Fajr. That day we made a lot of crafts for each other. They were these cool pop-up-cards we learned how to make. That time we did that in the living room. Then we decided to do it downstairs. The only problem was that we kept on forgetting stuff upstairs. Anyways the next day we continued doing art for each other. Then next day we brought our blankets downstairs and wrote stories and we shared it with each other. Then we drew pictures. Yesterday, was really fun. We started making an animation. Staying up is fun, the only problem is we wake up at like 2:30 p.m.! Well, today we woke up at 1:30. 

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